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Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Lunch Bars, Takeaway Shops, Dairy Shops, Shopping Store, Groceries, Pop-up Store, Home-based Product Seller, Home-based Re-seller, Delivery, Pick-up, Accommodation, Motel, Hotel, Guesthouse

Filipino Food

Home-based Pinoy Food Business, Catering owners, Flea Market store owners, Night Market store owners, Pop-up Filipino Food owners, Pick-up, Delivery services


Spa, Salon, Automotive Service, Delivery and Transportation, Home Repair, HVAC, Plumbing, Cleaning Service, Lawn Mowing, Electrician, Furniture & Rubbish Removal, Security System, Locksmith & Shoe Repair, Office Install & Repair, Trades, Professionals, Photography, Videography, Event Hire/Rental,  Accountant, Adviser, Lawyer, Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, Employment Agency, IT Repair, Medical Services, Acupuncture, Chirpractor, Dentist, Pharmacy, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Birthing, Blood Donation, Urgent Care, Ultrasound, Travel services, Travel Agency, Tours, Car Rental, Bus & Van Hire, Flight Booking


Online Stores, Online/Pop-up Stores, Home-based Product Sellers with Online Payment, Home-based Re-seller with Online Payments, Delivery, Pick-up

Sales Agent

Working on New Zealand-based companies/agencies. Insurance, Loan, Real Estate, Property, Car Dealership, Recruitment, Human Resource, Travel and Tours, and Remittance

COVID-19 Reminders:

Under Alert Level 2 we will still have significant restrictions on our day-to-day lives. The risk of COVID-19 will have diminished, but not gone away.
For all the Filipino-Kiwi owned businesses, please continue practicing proper social distancing, contract tracing and proper hygiene and sanitation. 
Please visit New Zealand’s Government websites for COVID-19 to know more. You can use this link here.

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